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After producing two albums celebrated by a thirsty underground network of fans, Galaxie 500 released what turned out to be their unexpected swansong, This Is Our Music. The title is an intentionally declarative statement. After being labeled masters of the disengaged and forlorn, Damon Krukowsi, Dean Wareham, and Naomi Yang delivered a full-length comprised of their most stately material. Here, one can hear potential realized, as well as changes afoot. "Fourth of July" is a surprisingly up-front song for the band, with rolling drums and a bass-heavy refrain, and it proved to be their most popular single. The track sets the stage for the dynamism of This Is Our Music, When Galaxie 500 sounds wistful ("Summertime"), it sounds like years of yearning actualized; when the band sounds regretful ("Sorry"), it comes pleading on it's knees. The trio found a beautiful balance between increased production values and knob-twiddler Mark Kramer's odd-handed approach. For the first time since it's original pressing, This Is Our Music is available again on vinyl. Cut by vinyl ace Kevin Gray from a remaster by Kramer and Alan Douches, the album sounds more vibrant than ever, and Galaxie 500 exists again as one of the most enrapturing and glorious bands to emerge from the underground in the past 25 years.
Galaxie 500 - This Is Our Music
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The original 500 7s are considered the Holy Grail of WSP recordings! These exact replicas (down to the 45 RPM Spider Inserts being included and the white sleeves) are going to make a whole bunch of Panic fans happy just in time for the holidays.

**Limited to 2,000 copies**

Widespread Panic - Coconut Image / Monkey Image Reissue [Limited Edition Vinyl Single]
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Britney Spears Deluxe version of Glory is now available on opaque white vinyl! The 2 LP set includes all 17 tracks originally featured on Glory, two never before released songs and remixes of Mood Ring.

Britney Spears - Glory: Deluxe [Opaque White 2LP]
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Limited edition 2011 reissue on 180-gram vinyl. Until this album's initial release in 1956, Chet was known strictly as a trumpeter. A remarkably talented trumpeter. "Chet Baker Sings" changed that, and Chet became a noted singer, too. Originally produced in 1956 as just a 10" LP, this 2011 reissue features 14 tracks that showcase his strengths at the mic. His warm vocals embrace a song just as his trumpet does. How can you resist his renditions of "That Old Feeling," "It's Always You," "But Not for Me," "There Will Never Be Another You" and later songs such as "Time after Time" and "The Thrill Is Gone." Joining him on the album are pianist Russ Freeman, bassist Carson Smith and drummer Bob Neel.
Chet Baker - Sings [Import]
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From their place at the bottom of the world, outside of the traditional jazz and soul centers, Australia's groove-led musicians have struggled for recognition on the world stage. But all of that is changing as increasingly the country's vital community of close-knit, broadly adventurous players command the attention of international audiences. Bouncing off the selections of independent radio DJs and esoteric record store collections, these musicians jump across African diaspora music traditions - from funk to house music, hip-hop to Ethio-jazz - before pollinating those rhythms with a uniquely Australian flavor. This magpie-like curiosity forges new sounds and forms - all of which can be found on 'Seven Wonders', a new compilation by Plug Seven Records and Wondercore Island. 'Seven Wonders' is testament to Wondercore's relentless support of Australia's forward-thinking beat makers and neo-soul bands; and to Plug Seven's commitment to the magic of analog music, as seen at it's Melbourne record store and nearby studio. It's in this laneway studio filled with recording equipment dating back to the 1940s where the bulk of 'Seven Wonders' was recorded to tape by Plug Seven founder Ari Roze. Recorded largely over two weeks, the majority of the tracks on 'Seven Wonders' were captured in one take, bottling the raw energy and virtuosity of Melbourne's most accomplished, established and emerging players. There's an antipodean take on P-Funk from Laneous, characteristically enigmatic vocals from soul singer Allysha Joy, and a free-flowing instrumental cut from Sampa the Great collaborator Dave Rodriguez, aka GODTET. Several tracks include production and background instrumentation from Hiatus Kaiyote's rhythm section Perrin Moss and Paul Bender. 'The record captures the spontaneity of live performance in Melbourne. You go out and see one-off collaborations between artists, so much cool stuff goes on, I knew we could recreate that energy in the studio,' says Roze. 'Melbourne has different levels and types of musicians from all genres, there are a lot of music venues, and public radio stations like RRR and PBS, have programming which is free form and collector led, meaning you have a wide range of very niche music being aired', continues Roze. 'Local people grow up listening to choice selections from incredible record collectors, and it shows in their response to the music.' The lead single from 'Seven Wonders', 'Custard Shoulder', comes courtesy of rising Melbourne eight-piece WVR BVBY. It's a swirling, downbeat, jazz-funk reverie and builds on the solid foundation of last year's full length debut LP from the stellar group, who have gone onwards & upwards with a feature set at Meredith Festival upcoming this year. The compilation's second single 'Sweet Water' by celebrated jazz pianist and composer Barney McAll shifts gears and time signatures. It's soothing opening gives way to Cuban bata drums, McCall's Rhodes excursions and a hook provided by a bulbul tarang - a string instrument from India and Pakistan derived from the Japanese taishogoto harp. It moves through chaos and confusion to find triumph and finally, peace. A double A-side single, McAll's track comes backed with 'Drifting' by the groundbreaking 30/70 Collective. The track has buzzing flashes of synthesizer and a taught but intoxicating atmosphere that speaks to the excitement of impending change. Elsewhere, James Macaulay Quartet - made up of four trombonists - slinks through traditional jazz harmonics; GODTET creates a gauzy time-machine of ambient, sample-based jazz that innovates while paying respect to tradition; Jazz Party's track 'Waiting' moves away from the band's characteristic New Orleans-indebted sound to deliver a rousing slice of pure '70s rhythm and blues; Raw Humps lays on heavy funk and psychedelia; and 'Improvisation #2' by Vinod Prasanna, Greg Sheehan, and Perrin Moss is a percussive excerpt from a four-hour, post-meditation, improvisation session. 'Two artists on the record may be at the opposite ends of the jazz or soul spectrum, but the artists are part of this creative patchwork,' says Wondercore Island founder Si Jay Gould. 'We tried to show how these pieces come together.' From traditional jazz and soul, to esoteric experimentation, the breadth of styles showcased on 'Seven Wonders' is testament to Australia's deep understanding of jazz, soul and groove-led music's roots. It's a snapshot of a moment in time in which Australia's players are moving from the confines of house parties and local clubs to claim their spot on the world stage. And they're doing it thorough a deep, transcendent connection with audiences. 'Under the larger umbrella of soul music and improvisation there's a searching for a greater feeling, a spiritual connection,' says Gould. 'Music tries to fill that gap in human experience. The genres we're trying to distill on 'Seven Wonders' belong to spiritual musical traditions and there's really strong fragments in each sub-genre on the record.
Seven Wonders / Various - Seven Wonders / Various
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Opaque Tan Indie Retail Exclusive. Philadelphia-based indie rockers, The Menzingers made great use of their free time during this summer's stay at home order by recording a "re-imagined" acoustic version of their brilliant 2019 album "Hello Exile." Since forming as teenagers in 2006, The Menzingers have shown their strength as rough-and-tumble storytellers, turning out songs equally rooted in frenetic energy and lifelike detail. On From Exile, the band took their lyrical narrative to a whole new level and share their reflections on moments from the past and present: high-school hellraising, troubled relationships, aging and alcohol and political ennui. And while their songs often reveal certain painful truths, they ultimately maintain the irrepressible spirit that's always defined the band. These acoustic interpretations show once again how beautifully crafted these songs really are.
The Menzingers - From Exile [Indie Exclusive Limited Edition Opaque Tan LP]
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Athens, Georgia has always been a hotbed for creative independent music. There exists a spirit that can be hardly found anywhere else in the world. The band Pylon emerged in the late 70s and early 80s out of art school and combined this spirit with their new wave, post-punk jangle pop and would come to influence the American pop and alternative scenes for decades to come. In celebration of the 40th anniversary of their first release, New West Records is proud to partner with the band for a reissue of their first 7" single.

SIDE A:.Cool SIDE B: Dub

Pylon - "Cool"/"Dub" [RSD BF 2019]
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Listen in on hours of revelatory conversations with Jerry Garcia, one of the most beloved and missed figures in the world of music, with JERRY ON JERRY. More than twenty years after his death, at too young an age, Jerry remains a cultural icon whose influence and legacy endure. Now, these never-before-heard interviews reveal a candid and poignant side of Jerry, as he speaks openly on everything from religion and politics to his personal life and his creative process. Carefully selected by former Grateful Dead publicist and the band's authorized biographer, Dennis McNally, and curated with the cooperation of the Jerry Garcia Family, JERRY ON JERRY marks the first time these insightful and intimate archival recordings have ever been made available to the public. Here, Garcia talks about what it was like growing up in the San Francisco Bay Area, his obsession with his first guitar, and his first encounters with early R&B, which had a profound and lasting impact on his music. After discussing his brief, but eye-opening stint in the army, Jerry offers up stories of his time spent as a student of the Beats, and his personal and reverent memories of Neal Cassady. He ponders what he sees as the complicated nature of LSD and the oppressiveness of government. He goes on to remember in detail the early days of the Dead, from their first gigs as the Warlocks and their days at 710 Ashbury Street, to the Monterey Pop Festival in 1967 and performing on the road with Jefferson Airplane. Throughout he breaks to opine on movies (one of his favorite subjects), to open up about his songwriting process and his prolific collaboration with Robert Hunter, and his admiration for a broad range of musicians from the Rolling Stones and Bob Dylan to Scotty Stoneman and Bill Keith. JERRY ON JERRY is one of the most revealing and unguarded portraits of the adored front man of the Grateful Dead and a true, long-awaited gift to his fans. -Limited edition pressing, first time on vinyl. -Remastered audio for this limited pressing. -Vinyl contains two memorable segments, Jerry on Music and Jerry on Politics, plus a download code for an additional two hours of interview audio.

Jerry Garcia - Jerry On Jerry [Limited Edition LP]
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The Harlem Gospel Travelers are not from Harlem. They came to Harlem, however, from far-flung corners of the five boroughs of New York City, and it was in Harlem, that legendary center of African-American culture, that they found their voices. As members of the music education program Gospel For Teens, these young men spent many hours on the subway or the bus to ultimately end up at an unassuming brownstone on W. 126th Street. They walked through the red door at the parlor level, the one with the cross on it, and inside they found a world of music. Gospel music. As their teacher, my job was less to impart information, and more to show these talented young men what they already knew. They already knew how to sing, that much was obvious, but it was here that they learned what their voices could really do and how to use them. We listened to the music of the masters: The Soul Stirrers, The Swan Silvertones, The Violinaires and The Swanee Quintet, and these young men, really boys at the time, soaked it all in. They quickly moved from imitation to creation, writing their own songs and building original arrangements of traditional material from the ground up. They honed and tightened their harmonies. They learned when to shout and when to whisper. What you have before you is the distillation of all their hard work - the first full-length album from The Harlem Gospel Travelers. Each member of the group gets a chance to lead here, and each gets to showcase his unique and individual voice. Their styles are already fully formed at such an early age (the youngest member is 18, the oldest just 21), and they use them here to great effect. Each song has a purpose, but the goal of the album as a whole is simple: to glorify the name of God and to sing His praises. We hope you like the music included on "He's On Time," but more than that, we hope it lifts up your spirit and brings you joy for years to come. - Eli "Paperboy" Reed
The Harlem Gospel Travelers - He's On Time - (Color Vinyl) [Colored Vinyl] [Clear Vinyl]
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How does brokenness walk? Or move through the world? says guitarist/vocalist Carrie Brownstein about The Center Wont Hold, Sleater-Kinneys tenth studio album. Were always mixing the personal and the political but on this record, despite obviously thinking so much about politics, we were really thinking about the person ourselves or versions of ourselves or iterations of depression or loneliness in the middle of the chaos. The Center Wont Hold is Sleater-Kinneys midnight record on the doomsday clock. After twenty-five years of legendary collaboration, rocknroll giants Brownstein, Corin Tucker, and Janet Weiss rise to meet the moment by digging deeper and sounding bigger than weve heard them yet. Here are intimate battle cries. Here are shattered songs for the shattered survivors. The Center Wont Hold drops you into the world of catastrophe that touches on the election, says guitarist/vocalist Tucker of the title track. Were not taking it easy on the audience. That song is meant to be really heavy and dark. And almost like a mission statement, at the end of that song, its like were finding our way out of that space by becoming a rock band.

Sleater-Kinney - The Center Won't Hold [Deluxe LP]
$24.98 Video

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